GRB-Locator-Array – Incase Of Emergency – Science Gallery Dublin 2017 Fiona McDonald

GRB-Locator-Array for the exhibit Incase Of Emergency at Science Gallery Dublin 2017. The project builds on work initiated while I was artist in residence at Parity Studios & later with the High Energy Astrophysics Group at UCD School of Physics. The collaborative project GRB-Locator-Array uses real-time GCN data, which records the distribution of GRB locations detected by the spacecraft Integral, Fermi and Swift, to position parabolic mirrors on our sculpture to point to the position of the most recently detected GRB.Data is tracked in real time, but as GRBs have travelled billions of light years from distant galaxies before they are detected by the spacecraft, in some ways, the exhibit lets us look into the past.

Our project was complex on many levels from engineering to hardware & software. While I was working with U3D at UCD who printed our 3Dprinted Steel connectors, I was very lucky to be introduced to Engineer Dr. Peter Knief Peter created the threads in software for our already existing 3Dprinted metal connectors. Later when we needed some help to reassemble & troubleshoot some engineering issues on sight at the Science Gallery Peter jumped in to help. Under the very tight time frame of one day Peter realised on the spot inventive solutions. Peter was calm under pressure completely dedicated to seeing all the issues resolved in good time. I can highly recommend Peter Knief for any engineering solutions (as that was the part of his expertise we needed) Fiona McDonald