IMPACT The worlds first 3D printed Gumshields

2.5 years ago, I had this mad idea to start manufacturing 3D print custom fit Gumshields for players of contact sports through the world. The only problem was I had no knowledge about 3D printing and how to develop a plastic that would have the right flexibility, accuracy and print reliability to print this product. The other big issue was that this has never been attempted before any where in the world.
Luckily for me I met Peter. Over the period of 18 months, he managed to take a concept that I had and turn it in to reality. He helped to invent a new form of 3D printing filament, help develop our patent pending software that allows us to create our Gumshields and testing rig to prove that our Gumshields are better then anything else on the market.
I can hand on my heart say I have never met a more knowledgable, inventive and dedicated man in my life, who is driven to find the perfect solution for the problem at hand.
We are now the only mass manufacturers of 3D printed custom fit Gumshields in the world, that should tell you everything you need to know about Peter
James Murphy Founder and CEO

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Twitter & Instagram: @impactgumshield
Address: Unit 31, Spruce Ave., Stillorgan ind. Est.,Sandyford, D18