CF-Pharma – UCD – 3D printed Bio Sampling Kit

Together with the U3D – the 3D print hub at UCD, and our engineering expert, Roohollah Ebrahimi, we are realizing prototypes for the rapid screening of parasite oocytes in stool samples. Particular focus is put on physical properties, dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the prototypes. Our services stretch from alternative design considerations in relation to application and material properties to pre-emptive troubleshooting.

U3D allowed us to greatly accelerate our prototype development, allowing us to make numerous model alterations on a micro level with the expert advice and cooperation of U3D. They delivered a turn around time was hours rather than weeks that we were achieving with more conventional solutions which is invaluable in a research project that is dependent on physical properties. The service was exceptional, the finished products were exactly what we requested and we were never disappointed. I can recommend U3D print to any company looking for a solution to prototype development. ” Patricia McOwan

Syntec’s Significantly New Disk for Homogenisation

The task was to find a solution and new better disk when added with our other disposable containers to improve Sample preparation for PCR testing within laboratories for our customers.

“We were delighted with the combined effort and enthusiasm and we found this was a very practical and affordable way to develop our prototypes. The result was we found a new design of our disks which improved the end results significantly” Ray S., Syntec Scientific –

Rainwater Harvesting Solved (DIY-Water)

The task was to find affordable ways to enable house-owners to install comfortable rainwater collection systems that do not necessarily require re-plumbing.

“After seeing this rain water harvesting system in operation I decided this is the one for me.The layout and installation was explained to me and with minimal disruption, was easy to carry, out with expert knowledge.To summarise, NO hassle,No fuss does the job DELIGHTED.” Patrick H.